WHERE DID THE WEEKEND GO!?!!!  So, the best laid plans of fake redheads do not always pan out.  On the plus side, I did get the Christmas cards all done, addressed and ready to take to the post office tomorrow.  YIPPIE!  On the negative side, still no tree up in my house. 😦  That makes me more sad than I can possibly say.  Add to this…my favorite boss and co-worker extrodinaire Mrs. SPN are in town and we’re preparing for a big push for the company, and then I’m back in South Carolina on Wednesday night through Friday!  When do I catch my breath?  When do my decorations go up?!  My plan is to convince my co-workers that they need to call it an early night tomorrow because they got in supa late…and then ask them over to my house for dinner on Tuesday evening.  That gives me time for a tidy and trim the tree and a big ole WHOOPIE!  I’m officially tired and have a big/long day tomorrow.  G’night all and much love!


Posted December 14, 2008 by A MUSE in 1

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