Without going into much detail, I have a special relationship past with TVUUC.  I have not returned to the church since April of this year but I often think about the people who attend there and admire their courage and peacefulness.  Today, the Jim and I sit stunned. Apparently another potentially random act of violence has struck what I often saw as a center of solace in East Tennessee.  My heart breaks for the community.  Our love, thoughts, prayers and hope go out to our once church home and family.

I am so so so sorry and saddened by this.  My heart truly breaks for this…I pray that all my former family members are okay.  I don’t know what else to say.  Too much.  Too much.

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  1. Sarah told me of your email and I am shocked. From what I have read, the gunman had never even attended the church. Amazing what evil people can do. My thoughts are with those affect and I am very happy you were not in attendance.

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